Why Excel is used?

The popular Electronic Spreadsheet Program "Excel", could be be very useful for calculating financial, statistical and engineering information. Excel is used from individual households to Fortune 500 companies. Some of the usage of Excel are:
  • Excel is very handy for performing calculations as lots of built-in formulas (simple and complex formulas) are included for basic math, statistics and even engineering functions.
  • Creation of charts and graphs (like pie charts, bar graphs, 3-D graphs and even scatter-grams) are really simple using Excel.
  • For complex work sometimes, one sheet result may need to use to other spreadsheet and this could be done using spreadsheet linking which helps to retyping or recopying the cell data to other spreadsheets.
  • For visual representation of data, Excel provides lots of formatting option which makes the data more visually represented and meaningful.
  • Excel not only deals with data but also make the data secure from unwanted changing or password protected from others.
  • Excel provides different format data exporting features which could be used to import into Access, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle etc.

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