Common concepts to format any spreadsheet data

All spreadsheet is generally formatted by a nice and quick way. The reasons to format the spreadsheet for several type of calculations, analytical purposes. For formatting any spreadsheet in Excel, general three terms are used: Label, Identifier and Values. These terms are necessary before analyzing any financial data-set. A short explanation is given in this page.

Common concepts to format any spreadsheet data

Label is a short (one or two words) description of the data

Identifier is the parent value of the data which is also used as a search locator in a spreadsheet. Identifier can be text, numerical or a combination of both.

Values are the child information to the parent. Values can be text, numerical or a combination of both.

Figure: Common concept to format any spreadsheet data

In the above example, the quiz marks of five students are displayed in excel spreadsheet. To define each meaningful column, the top row has several word or words like "Student ID", "Student Name",  "Quiz 1", "Quiz 1", "Quiz 3". All these are the label. Now, each row is represented each student information. So, the first column of "Student ID" column has unique values which represents each student information and quiz marks. These are known ase Identifier and the rest other cells are the values.

Important tips:

Using label, identifier and values, most spreadsheet are formatted i.e. Most data follows this layout. Besides this layout, there is another common layout where the identifier is totally omitted and only label and values are used as the layout of those spreadsheet.

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