The RIBBON user interface of Excel

The standard toolbar of Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint has changed from the release of Office 2007. The Ribbon brings all the favorite commands group wise at the top of the program which helps easy flexibility of commands and also introduces lots of new commands which many of us never know before. Introducing Ribbons brings frequent access of commands easily and instantly.

The Ribbon interface of Excel has five basic components:
  1. Quick Access Toolbar: A customizable toolbar allowing to add commands which are most important always
  2. Tabs: Contain groups of command which are loosely related to core tasks
  3. Groups: Sets of commands that fall under the umbrella of that tab’s core task.
  4. Command buttons: Each group contains commands buttons. These are objects to click to select the action that we want to execute
  5. Dialog launchers: Located in the lower-right corner of certain groups. Clicking on any one of these activates a dialog box containing the full spectrum of options for a given group.

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