How to start Excel

The basic tasks of Excel are for building a spreadsheet and then manipulating the data on the spreadsheet. Before performing any task we must have to start Excel. Starting Excel brings the Excel window onto the desktop and then we can use the program.

Note: In this tutorial, we discuss how to start Microsoft Excel 2010 program. This tutorial also more or less same for other version of Excel.

Steps to start Excel:

Step 1: Click on the "Start" menu of your computer. This brings the Start menu

Step 2: Click "All Programs" and the App Programs menu will be appeared

1_How to start Excel

Step 3: Click “Microsoft Office” and Microsoft Office menu will be appeared

2_How to start Excel

Step 4: Click “Microsoft Excel 2010”

3_How to start Excel

Completing the above steps, the Microsoft Excel window will be appeared on the desktop.


Note: When you have finished working with Excel, you could easily close the program by clicking the File tab and then clicking Exit.

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